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  • Crimson Permanent Assurance Company

    The insurance company that Eugene works for as a part time accountant. They have offices in the Edwardian Building at 71 Fenchurch Street in Midian City. !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/145299/Crimson_Permanent_Assurance_Company.jpg(Crimson …

  • The Filmore

    A jazz club, recently popular with a younger crowd. Darnell works as a bouncer here.

    !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/145307/TheFilmore.jpg(The filmore)!
    Faces: * Chanel bartends. * Johnny serves as a bouncer, …

  • Gunners

    The bar where Liam works, on the other side of a defunct dry cleaner's from The Big Hit. Faces: * Mike, the other bartender. Girlfriend Melanie. * Cheryl, the customer who flirts outrageously with Liam.

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