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  • Crimson Permanent Assurance Company

    The insurance company that Eugene works for as a part time accountant. They have offices in the Edwardian Building at 71 Fenchurch Street in Midian City. !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/145299/Crimson_Permanent_Assurance_Company.jpg(Crimson …

  • The Big Hit

    A sports bar between Eugene's home and his subway stop, _The Big Hit_ is your typical bar/restaurant establishment. The wait staff wear shirts that look like baseball jerseys. Eugene has been a regular there since he graduated high school, and has been …

  • Daphne Callan

    Broke up with Liam because he had no direction in life. Close friend of Liam's sister. Eventually figured out that Eugene was interested in her. Now itemizes all of her deductions.

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