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  • crusader-introduction

    Not long ago, I was forced to face one of my fears. While one can work hard to prepare themselves for the moment, until a real situation arises, you truly don't know whether the preparation will pay off. In my case, I weathered the flurry. In the process, …

  • crusader-paranoia

    How do you know if you're just being paranoid? *(UPDATE)* If you have evidence, do you still consider it paranoia? I'm seeing strange people in trusted haunts. I've seen the same car six times in three blocks. My underwear is folded differently. When I …

  • crusader-name

    After helping out a friend, I realized I needed some kind of code name while I figure out how all of this works. If I am helping the police, which I am, then they should know they have a friend. I have chosen the code name of _Crusader_. Hear me roar.

  • Zombies? [Crusader]

    Do you believe in zombies? I think I do now. My companions and I ran across a bunch of people acting almost exactly like zombies. They shambled, drooled, and attempted to bite those of us remaining un-infected. Fortunately, these seemed to snap out of …

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