Marked Men: Midian City

Session 002
Avengers assemble!

Liam wakes up with his ex-girlfriend’s little sister, Siobhan Callan. Squirmy behavior ensues.

Sergeant Josiah Doakes, a transit cop, visits each of the Marked Men and enlists Darnell to confront Roland.

Eugene and Christian recognize each other at their yoga class.

Doakes asks them each to meet after midnight in a bad part of town, outside an old fix-it shop. [Yeah, I’m filling in retroactive details.] A scream from the local convenience store interrupts.

Session 001
What happened in the tunnels

Roland Walter Dutton, sixteen-year-old member of the Thirty-Second Street Gang, boards a subway car on his way to a vocational school. He sits next to Christian Tourville, an adjunct professor of criminology. The two have a minor conflict.

Patrick Darnell Kelly, a six-foot-seven black ex-con, spots the gun Tourville carries under his jacket and plants himself squarely between the two. Tourville moves to sit elsewhere and almost sits on Eugene Edward Norton, a curiously inconspicuous milquetoast, who moves to fill Tourville’s vacated seat.

Patrick Liam Kelly [no mistake, perverse players], an attractive bartender on his way to his sister’s house, bumps into Eugene and drops his phone.

Then someone boards the train, and time loses the men for an hour and a half. They come to their senses in a subway tunnel, running down the line and away from men with guns. Liam leads them into a side tunnel while the rest of the men with whom they run plunge into the darkness ahead. Gunfire ensues, and in the chaos Liam, Roland, Christian, Eugene, and Darnell escape to the street.

They make their way to their homes and jobs.

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