Roland Walter Dutton (Rocket)

Angry African-American ganger kid


Agility: d12
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d8
Strength: d8
Vigor: d6

Parry: 19 (vs. range: 13, vs. area: +4)
Tough: 5

Enemy: rival gang (major)
Quirk: angry teenager (minor)
Cautious/Apathetic (minor)

Quick (repick if 5 or less)
First Strike (1 free attack/turn if attacker moves adjacent; interrupts attacker)
Two Fisted (attack with each hand w/o penalty)
Dodge (1 parry vs. hand to hand, ranged)
Improved Dodge (
2 parry, incl area effect) x 2
Acrobat (+2 for Agility rolls, +1 parry vs. hand to hand)

Speed, superior (240 mph, +4 Parry (8 for ranged combat))
Speed, pummel (-2 to hit, +4 damage)

Fight: d12+3 (net: d12+1, dam: d8+d6+4)
Throw: d8
Shoot: d4
Notice: d6
Gambling: d4
Streetwise: d8
Survival: d4
Stealth: d10
Taunt: d4
Knowledge (Midian City): d4
Knowledge (Midian gangs): d6
Knowledge (Spanish): d4
Knowledge (Auto mechanic): d4
Persuasion: d6

Brass knuckles: +d6
Length of chain: +d6


Roland Dutton, 16, is is just a little too smart, a little too law-abiding, to get irreversibly ensnared in the gang lifestyle. But that’s the only lifestyle that’s available in his neighborhood. So he’s a member of 24th Street, the local gang. Roland and the other kids he hangs with are not deeply involved in the drugs, extortion, drive-bys, and so forth that occupies the “blooded” gang members. Currently, 24th Street is warring with Los Gatos del Muerte.

Roland lives with his mom (who works downtown at the main DMV office) and his sister, Yolanda. Roland doesn’t remember his father, who left before Roland was born.

The closest Roland has to a best friend is Paul. Paul is more mouth than action, but nothing will stop him from eventually taking that action. No matter how stupid.

Tasha, another long-time friend, is the opposite. Smart, thoughtful, and focused on the future, she’s going places. At the minimum, she’s getting out of this ’hood.

Roland goes too school, but it doesn’t really capture his interest or attention.

Everything changed, though, when he took a subway train that failed to stay on the tracks…

Other gangs that are active in the city: Maniacs, Bloods, Crips, M.S. 32.

XP: 68 (3 unspent) after 7/24 session.

Name origin

Roland Walter Dutton (Rocket)

Marked Men: Midian City cassbackward Magnar