Christian Tourville (aka Crusader)

Criminal Justice Professor (Adjunct), Phd

Agility d10 Strength d6
Smarts d8 Vigor d8
Spirit d8
Derived Traits
Pace 6/8 Toughness 6 +4(2) Kevlar
Parry 7 Charisma 4
Edges Hindrances
Attractive (+2 Charisma) Code of Honor (major)
Charismatic (+2 Charisma) Loyal
Command Vengeful
Connections: Midian City Police
Super Powers
Super Power Points
Super Power Points
SE: Dodge (-1 enemy shoot/throw vs me)
Skill Level Super Power 15 points
Fighting d10 Attack, Ranged 1 2d6 Heavy 12/24/48, +2 AP, Elemental Trick: Air
Healing d6 Darkvision No vision penalties, low light only
Investigation d6 Gifted no -2 penalty for unskilled rolls
Knowledge: Law (Criminal Justice) d6 Heightened Senses +2 Notice
Notice d6+2 Leaping 2 Leap 4" vertical, 8" horizontal
Persuasion d8 Super Attribute: Vigor +2d Vigor
Shooting d10 Super Edge: Dodge -1 enemy shoot/throw vs me
Telekinesis 3 1 d12+1 STR
Toughness 1 +2 toughness
1 Switchable
Equipment (Costume)
9mm pistol (2d6)
Cargo Pants (black)
Cash Card
Fanny Pack
Kevlar Vest (+2 armor)
Leather Jacket (black)
Pre-paid Cell Phone with Texting & Camera
Restraints (zip-tie style)
Zorro-style Mask

Christian (Chris) Allen Tourville
Age 31
Employed by the Onorado State University (Midian City campus) as an Adjunct Professor in the Criminal Justice program. Undergrad degrees in Economics and Psychology. Masters and Doctorate in Criminal Justice.

Residence: condo near the campus, within walking/biking distance


  • Parents: Samuel & Hillary Tourville (ages 65, 66)
  • Brothers (all older): Henry, Matthew (ages 38, 35)
  • Sister (younger): Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Tourville Jones (age 28)
    • Married to Mark Willard (age 30)
    • Daughter: Patricia Jeannie (age 2)

Friends and social contacts:

  • Ex-girlfriend Penelope Emrick
    • Acrimonious breakup ~4 months ago, grounded in general conflict and unreasonable expectations (entirely on her part of course)
    • 17 month relationship
  • Criminal Justice Department Chair Howard Facca
    • Wishes Christian would work less on what he considers to be “blue-blood” activity such as police procedures, and more on the theoretical of criminal justice. Have ongoing debates with Christian on the side of needing to field test, and Facca pushing for more study and scholarly debate.

(most important person)

(colleagues feel about him?)


  • Gun club and target shooting (has concealed weapon permit)
  • Yoga classes
  • Cycling

During early college school career (~age 20), Christian was held up at knife point. Christian really wasn’t prepared and really fumbled and otherwise utterly mishandled the situation. The muggers, angry and impatient, assaulted, stabbed, and ultimately robbed Christian. Christian spent a few days in the hospital and a few weeks of recovery. The muggers were never fully identified or known to be apprehended.

The incident was a forming point in Christian’s life. A latent interest in law and order resulted in a conscious shaping of degree, grad school, etc. to go into the Criminal Justice program. Initially, the intent was close to formal law enforcement, Later, this migrated to working more strategically and fundamentally to address the reasons for crime.

Christian signed up for a few self-defense classes, learned to shoot, enjoyed this for its own sake, and has continued practicing the art of shooting with the University’s gun club. This has built up his confidence in “being hands on”. Christian hasn’t had a substantially similar experience as the stabbing/mugging, and is uncertain how he’ll react. He has talked to many officers about how they handle such situations, listens closely, and does what little he can to practice.

The gun club has a fairly transient population, and Christian has emerged as a longer-term member. The club shoots at the same range many of the local police officers.

Formally studying crime has given Christian a good understanding of many of the social drivers for crime. As a result, he abstractly has empathy or pity for those stuck in a criminal rut. He does, however, make a big distinction between those driven to crime out of lack of choice, versus those consciously shaping their lives for crime, or reveling in their aggressive tendencies. Bullying and random violence are not well tolerated.

Christian Tourville (aka Crusader)

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