Marked Men: Midian City

The End Of Steven Barrow

Or is it?

The team faced Steven Barrow, mind controller, who surrounded himself with hapless subway passengers, including Siobhan Callan, on the center platform of a busy line. Shadow dropped down onto Barrow, pushing some of those human-shield passengers onto the tracks. Eugene swept forward with his darkness and cloaked the platform. Barrow took over Darnell’s mind but made the supervillainous mistake of announcing himself before directing Darnell to attack his teammates. Darnell hurled a wave of passers-by down the stairs toward his buddies, causing minor casualties, and Black Hat took out Barrow and Siobhan.

Josiah Doakes, from the subway control room, tried to stop the trains but failed somehow, and as the warm breeze of their imminent arrival hit the platform, and the confused folk on the tracks, Rocket sped south to leap onto the forward car and get the driver to release the accelerator. That train slowed to a halt while Crusader plucked victims off the northbound tracks with his telekinesis.

On the southbound track Eugene armored up and braced himself for impact while directing the passengers behind him to get up the ramp as quickly as possible. Darnell, clear of mind now that Barrow was unconscious, joined Eugene and took the lead. Between him and the brakes, the train was able to slow to a halt, and no one was injured.

Daphne Callan, waiting with great frustration above the platform, had paramedics drug Barrow, and Shadow took Siobhan back to her dorm room.

The upshot(s)?

YouTube footage of Crusader’s team in action, particularly Black Hat and Darnell, gains millions of hits.

Siobhan insists that Patrick stay with her and not leave. Ever.

War breaks out in the Justices’ neighborhood. (What ever happened to Paul and his pursuit of super powers anyway?)


cassbackward cassbackward

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