Marked Men: Midian City

Sessions 003 through 005

A proliferation of weirdness

  • The Marked Men rout the attack of the Maniacs on City Hall. Siobhan and Roland’s mother, Cleo, are held hostage. The press may have gotten some footage.
  • Agents surveil Christian and then, through Christian, identify Eugene. Eugene takes their drinking glasses, and Christian, through his FBI contact, finds they’re not in the criminal database.
  • Siobhan Callan visits Christian in his office to ask for his help in finding the masked man who rescued her.
  • Hospitalizations occur at Paul’s school. His friend Paul tells him the Korean kid from the market robbery, Jae Lim, wants to mess with the Maniacs.
  • Patrick the Smaller tells Daphne Callan he has super powers. She wants to meet the rest of the vigilantes.
  • Darnell and Patrick meet a trio of super-powered vigilantes, Cho, Rigsby, and Dazzle. Dazzle gets Patrick’s phone number.
  • Kelly Kapur shows up at work fatigued, confused, and injured. Eugene has a showdown with Steven Barrow at her apartment and wakes up later in his own bed. He learns that Kelly’s been attacked and has been hospitalized.


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