Marked Men: Midian City


I wanna live forever!

Last time on Marked Men:

Roland told his little sister, Yolanda, to call him “Rocket.” This quickly replaced the spontaneous, eight-year-old-chosen “Rainbow Action Man.”

Eugene spent some time looking for a headquarters. Coincidentally the warehouse where they interrogated one of the black-ops agents who tried to abduct Roland was up for sale.

Eugene and Christian consulted Christian’s crazy brother-in-law, Mark, on the Steven Barrow case. Mark’s hallucinatory wife, as opposed to his real one, told him he needed to find a waitress in a green skirt and white shirt with a shamrock on it. Eugene tracked the lead, using his mad computer skilz and a consultation from the elusive Patrick, to the Gilt Kilt, one of the city’s twelve Irish bars. He assembled the team to do some investigation and met the Gilt Kilt’s staff: Mindy (with the incredibly tight blonde ponytail), Brandy (their stout and efficient waitress), Sandy (the exotic type who seemed a little buzzed), Cindy (a flirty redhead), and Mandy (with the long-sleeved sweater).

Brandy seemed to recognize Eugene from the news and backed away slowly. Roland zipped around to the alley behind the bar and found Sandy sitting there, dazed, with a cell phone in her hand.

At school the following day, Roland’s fellow students mobbed him with questions, and his friend Paul wanted to know if Roland could give him powers, too. Roland said, “Maybe you should go talk to the Maniacs.”

Daphne the cop asked Eugene out for a social lunch at Pho King Amazing—now that he’s not a suspect in a major crime and all—and at the end of lunch hopped across the street to get some money from her bank. Naturally a bank heist ensued.

Eugene assembled the team. Christian and Roland—or should we say, “Crusader and Rocket”?—went around to knock out the driver of the getaway van. Darnell and Eugene went through the employee entrance of the bank to take out the thugs inside. There they got a momentary glimpse of Bolt, the electricity blaster, but before he could do much damage, Darnell grabbed Bolt from behind and Eugene beat the tar out of him.

The bank customers-slash-hostages got a look at Darnell and Eugene before they left, and Uma Ulrich, from Channel 13 FOX News, got footage of Christian leaping away while one of the battered thugs cried, “Crusader! It was Crusader, man! Crusader did it!”

Eugene scheduled dinner with Daphne, and she did not object.

Christian returned to Honorato College where, early in the evening, he witnessed a trio of Maniacs selling drugs to a couple of students. Christian called security, and Bernie the security guard rolled up on his Segway to confront the rabble. The Maniacs responded with force, and Christian and Roland, freshly summoned by text, responded to their response with force.


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