Marked Men: Midian City

Double Cross

Trust no one.

Last time on Marked Men:

Eugene and Daphne had dinner at his place. She noticed someone watching them from the street, and he identified their observer as Sandy the waitress from the Gilt Kilt. Daphne called a squad car and went down to have a few words with Sandy. Sandy told them she’d be seeing them soon.

Daphne suggested later that evening that she serve as bait in a trap for Steven Barrow. Eugene agreed to shadow her in the hope that Barrow tried to attack her.

The next morning Paul met Roland bright and early to ask him if he could arrange a meeting between Paul and the Justices. Roland agreed.

That evening Christian came out of his office to see Maniacs dealing drugs in the quad again. This time they brought some (quickly dispatched) help, Mr. Tinker and Mr. Soldier. Christian called in Darnell and Roland, and they kicked some ass.

Christian learned that his grad student, Daniel, was one of the Maniacs’ buyers.

Meanwhile, Eugene and Patrick kept an eye on Daphne while she waited for Barrow to strike. They got a visit from Sandy, instead, who asked to come up and see Daphne and then tried to get Daphne in a car to talk to Barrow. Daphne said, “Hell, no,” and Sandy pulled a gun. Patrick knocked Sandy senseless.

That’s when Eugene got a bad feeling about this drop and tried to contact Daphne’s sister, Siobhan. No answer. Eugene dispatched Roland to Siobhan’s dorm room where Roland found nothing. No Siobhan. No signs of a struggle. No nothing.

Christian consulted Bernie the security guard and found footage of Barrow leading Siobhan away from the dorm and toward the nearest subway entrance. Christian called Doakes, and Doakes ran to the subway security office to monitor the station cams.

Meanwhile, Roland took Paul to see Cho. Paul asked Cho if he could give him powers. Cho said, “No.”

Eugene called Tom Fontana who gave him a train number. Then he called Dewey Colon, who said he’d get back to Eugene later.


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