Marked Men: Midian City

Introduction [Crusader]

Not long ago, I was forced to face one of my fears. While one can work hard to prepare themselves for the moment, until a real situation arises, you truly don’t know whether the preparation will pay off. In my case, I weathered the flurry. In the process, I helped make a meaningful difference to several others’ lives. In a very real sense. While I was not alone, my companions were probably unaware of my crucible moment, and certainly couldn’t help me with my own demons.

Afterwards, I realized what should be a simple truth. Our actions, or inactions, have consequences. If we are afraid, the consequences frequently land on others. I have resolved to not be afraid. Or, at least work on that. I shall work for the greater good.

I do not mean what many politicians claim is the greater good. I mean helping those who cannot protect themselves from others’ inaction, or malicious action. I cannot solve all or even problems, especially the petty ones. If I can save lives, prevent cruelty, or even help an old lady across the street, I will act. Morals, ethics, and common sense shall guide me.

I hope. Help me?


cassbackward jkrage

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