Marked Men: Midian City

The End Of Steven Barrow
Or is it?

The team faced Steven Barrow, mind controller, who surrounded himself with hapless subway passengers, including Siobhan Callan, on the center platform of a busy line. Shadow dropped down onto Barrow, pushing some of those human-shield passengers onto the tracks. Eugene swept forward with his darkness and cloaked the platform. Barrow took over Darnell’s mind but made the supervillainous mistake of announcing himself before directing Darnell to attack his teammates. Darnell hurled a wave of passers-by down the stairs toward his buddies, causing minor casualties, and Black Hat took out Barrow and Siobhan.

Josiah Doakes, from the subway control room, tried to stop the trains but failed somehow, and as the warm breeze of their imminent arrival hit the platform, and the confused folk on the tracks, Rocket sped south to leap onto the forward car and get the driver to release the accelerator. That train slowed to a halt while Crusader plucked victims off the northbound tracks with his telekinesis.

On the southbound track Eugene armored up and braced himself for impact while directing the passengers behind him to get up the ramp as quickly as possible. Darnell, clear of mind now that Barrow was unconscious, joined Eugene and took the lead. Between him and the brakes, the train was able to slow to a halt, and no one was injured.

Daphne Callan, waiting with great frustration above the platform, had paramedics drug Barrow, and Shadow took Siobhan back to her dorm room.

The upshot(s)?

YouTube footage of Crusader’s team in action, particularly Black Hat and Darnell, gains millions of hits.

Siobhan insists that Patrick stay with her and not leave. Ever.

War breaks out in the Justices’ neighborhood. (What ever happened to Paul and his pursuit of super powers anyway?)

Double Cross
Trust no one.

Last time on Marked Men:

Eugene and Daphne had dinner at his place. She noticed someone watching them from the street, and he identified their observer as Sandy the waitress from the Gilt Kilt. Daphne called a squad car and went down to have a few words with Sandy. Sandy told them she’d be seeing them soon.

Daphne suggested later that evening that she serve as bait in a trap for Steven Barrow. Eugene agreed to shadow her in the hope that Barrow tried to attack her.

The next morning Paul met Roland bright and early to ask him if he could arrange a meeting between Paul and the Justices. Roland agreed.

That evening Christian came out of his office to see Maniacs dealing drugs in the quad again. This time they brought some (quickly dispatched) help, Mr. Tinker and Mr. Soldier. Christian called in Darnell and Roland, and they kicked some ass.

Christian learned that his grad student, Daniel, was one of the Maniacs’ buyers.

Meanwhile, Eugene and Patrick kept an eye on Daphne while she waited for Barrow to strike. They got a visit from Sandy, instead, who asked to come up and see Daphne and then tried to get Daphne in a car to talk to Barrow. Daphne said, “Hell, no,” and Sandy pulled a gun. Patrick knocked Sandy senseless.

That’s when Eugene got a bad feeling about this drop and tried to contact Daphne’s sister, Siobhan. No answer. Eugene dispatched Roland to Siobhan’s dorm room where Roland found nothing. No Siobhan. No signs of a struggle. No nothing.

Christian consulted Bernie the security guard and found footage of Barrow leading Siobhan away from the dorm and toward the nearest subway entrance. Christian called Doakes, and Doakes ran to the subway security office to monitor the station cams.

Meanwhile, Roland took Paul to see Cho. Paul asked Cho if he could give him powers. Cho said, “No.”

Eugene called Tom Fontana who gave him a train number. Then he called Dewey Colon, who said he’d get back to Eugene later.

I wanna live forever!

Last time on Marked Men:

Roland told his little sister, Yolanda, to call him “Rocket.” This quickly replaced the spontaneous, eight-year-old-chosen “Rainbow Action Man.”

Eugene spent some time looking for a headquarters. Coincidentally the warehouse where they interrogated one of the black-ops agents who tried to abduct Roland was up for sale.

Eugene and Christian consulted Christian’s crazy brother-in-law, Mark, on the Steven Barrow case. Mark’s hallucinatory wife, as opposed to his real one, told him he needed to find a waitress in a green skirt and white shirt with a shamrock on it. Eugene tracked the lead, using his mad computer skilz and a consultation from the elusive Patrick, to the Gilt Kilt, one of the city’s twelve Irish bars. He assembled the team to do some investigation and met the Gilt Kilt’s staff: Mindy (with the incredibly tight blonde ponytail), Brandy (their stout and efficient waitress), Sandy (the exotic type who seemed a little buzzed), Cindy (a flirty redhead), and Mandy (with the long-sleeved sweater).

Brandy seemed to recognize Eugene from the news and backed away slowly. Roland zipped around to the alley behind the bar and found Sandy sitting there, dazed, with a cell phone in her hand.

At school the following day, Roland’s fellow students mobbed him with questions, and his friend Paul wanted to know if Roland could give him powers, too. Roland said, “Maybe you should go talk to the Maniacs.”

Daphne the cop asked Eugene out for a social lunch at Pho King Amazing—now that he’s not a suspect in a major crime and all—and at the end of lunch hopped across the street to get some money from her bank. Naturally a bank heist ensued.

Eugene assembled the team. Christian and Roland—or should we say, “Crusader and Rocket”?—went around to knock out the driver of the getaway van. Darnell and Eugene went through the employee entrance of the bank to take out the thugs inside. There they got a momentary glimpse of Bolt, the electricity blaster, but before he could do much damage, Darnell grabbed Bolt from behind and Eugene beat the tar out of him.

The bank customers-slash-hostages got a look at Darnell and Eugene before they left, and Uma Ulrich, from Channel 13 FOX News, got footage of Christian leaping away while one of the battered thugs cried, “Crusader! It was Crusader, man! Crusader did it!”

Eugene scheduled dinner with Daphne, and she did not object.

Christian returned to Honorato College where, early in the evening, he witnessed a trio of Maniacs selling drugs to a couple of students. Christian called security, and Bernie the security guard rolled up on his Segway to confront the rabble. The Maniacs responded with force, and Christian and Roland, freshly summoned by text, responded to their response with force.

Zombies? [Crusader]

Do you believe in zombies? I think I do now.

My companions and I ran across a bunch of people acting almost exactly like zombies. They shambled, drooled, and attempted to bite those of us remaining un-infected. Fortunately, these seemed to snap out of it after being knocked out for a short time.

Except for one guy. He had some kind of influence over the zombies, screeching out orders to them, and sic’ing them on us. He had a glass jaw.

We left them for the police, along with instructions to run the appropriate medical tests. I hope we didn’t make a mistake, and the police can do the right thing.

The Name is Crusader

After helping out a friend, I realized I needed some kind of code name while I figure out how all of this works. If I am helping the police, which I am, then they should know they have a friend. I have chosen the code name of Crusader. Hear me roar.

Paranoid Much? [Crusader]

How do you know if you’re just being paranoid? (UPDATE) If you have evidence, do you still consider it paranoia?

I’m seeing strange people in trusted haunts. I’ve seen the same car six times in three blocks. My underwear is folded differently. When I make a phone call, I hear strange clicks on the line, and other odd noises that were not there before. Someone has been in my area of work under false pretenses.

I don’t know why I’m receiving this attention, or what to do about it.

UPDATE: I forgot I had bought new underwear.
UPDATE2: I know someone is following me, and had some sort of ear-piece. The sort of thing you see in movies. Another set posed badly as tourists.

Sessions 003 through 005
A proliferation of weirdness
  • The Marked Men rout the attack of the Maniacs on City Hall. Siobhan and Roland’s mother, Cleo, are held hostage. The press may have gotten some footage.
  • Agents surveil Christian and then, through Christian, identify Eugene. Eugene takes their drinking glasses, and Christian, through his FBI contact, finds they’re not in the criminal database.
  • Siobhan Callan visits Christian in his office to ask for his help in finding the masked man who rescued her.
  • Hospitalizations occur at Paul’s school. His friend Paul tells him the Korean kid from the market robbery, Jae Lim, wants to mess with the Maniacs.
  • Patrick the Smaller tells Daphne Callan he has super powers. She wants to meet the rest of the vigilantes.
  • Darnell and Patrick meet a trio of super-powered vigilantes, Cho, Rigsby, and Dazzle. Dazzle gets Patrick’s phone number.
  • Kelly Kapur shows up at work fatigued, confused, and injured. Eugene has a showdown with Steven Barrow at her apartment and wakes up later in his own bed. He learns that Kelly’s been attacked and has been hospitalized.
Introduction [Crusader]

Not long ago, I was forced to face one of my fears. While one can work hard to prepare themselves for the moment, until a real situation arises, you truly don’t know whether the preparation will pay off. In my case, I weathered the flurry. In the process, I helped make a meaningful difference to several others’ lives. In a very real sense. While I was not alone, my companions were probably unaware of my crucible moment, and certainly couldn’t help me with my own demons.

Afterwards, I realized what should be a simple truth. Our actions, or inactions, have consequences. If we are afraid, the consequences frequently land on others. I have resolved to not be afraid. Or, at least work on that. I shall work for the greater good.

I do not mean what many politicians claim is the greater good. I mean helping those who cannot protect themselves from others’ inaction, or malicious action. I cannot solve all or even problems, especially the petty ones. If I can save lives, prevent cruelty, or even help an old lady across the street, I will act. Morals, ethics, and common sense shall guide me.

I hope. Help me?

Session 002
Avengers assemble!

Liam wakes up with his ex-girlfriend’s little sister, Siobhan Callan. Squirmy behavior ensues.

Sergeant Josiah Doakes, a transit cop, visits each of the Marked Men and enlists Darnell to confront Roland.

Eugene and Christian recognize each other at their yoga class.

Doakes asks them each to meet after midnight in a bad part of town, outside an old fix-it shop. [Yeah, I’m filling in retroactive details.] A scream from the local convenience store interrupts.

Session 001
What happened in the tunnels

Roland Walter Dutton, sixteen-year-old member of the Thirty-Second Street Gang, boards a subway car on his way to a vocational school. He sits next to Christian Tourville, an adjunct professor of criminology. The two have a minor conflict.

Patrick Darnell Kelly, a six-foot-seven black ex-con, spots the gun Tourville carries under his jacket and plants himself squarely between the two. Tourville moves to sit elsewhere and almost sits on Eugene Edward Norton, a curiously inconspicuous milquetoast, who moves to fill Tourville’s vacated seat.

Patrick Liam Kelly [no mistake, perverse players], an attractive bartender on his way to his sister’s house, bumps into Eugene and drops his phone.

Then someone boards the train, and time loses the men for an hour and a half. They come to their senses in a subway tunnel, running down the line and away from men with guns. Liam leads them into a side tunnel while the rest of the men with whom they run plunge into the darkness ahead. Gunfire ensues, and in the chaos Liam, Roland, Christian, Eugene, and Darnell escape to the street.

They make their way to their homes and jobs.


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